Drawing Test

This is a test of a slightly-different drawing technique.

Usually, I sketch in pencil, draw over it in black marker or ink, then scan that and clean it up in Photoshop. Afterwards, I add colour in Photoshop. This is how I did the rabbit background picture, and the four-page intro to Scaffoldworld.

It’s also a good way to make even quite a rough sketch presentable (this Toasterman sketch, for example).

Drawing of Toasterman trying to escape an underwater menace.

However, for Little Lost Part, I want to do something different.

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Another cover!

A first test of the cover for “Little Lost Lamp”.

What happens when a lamp id shipped to the customer and then forgotten?

This is the short eight-pager I hope to have ready for TCAF in the first week of May (whether or not I take part in TCAF).