Parts: An Industrial Fantasy

[Parts] is a charming book with a unique premise — that there is a community of beings at the level of the components of machinery.

The story is told in a style reminiscent of the Japanese “light novel” which mixes pages of text interspersed with illustration but not in panelled illustration as found in a graphic novel and far more mature than a picture book. [Parts] manages to describe the familiar experiences of boxes being moved from one shelf to another and the experience of a factory and conveyor belt through the consciousness of metal and plastic pieces.

We follow main character Gordin on a surprising adventure where the world is not all what we are used to. Author Scott Dawson makes us question everything we know and experience the world anew through the eyes of Gordin and his friend Laisa.

– Jackie Brown

Parts describes the adventures of a couple of car parts as they make their way through a factory. The parts — circuit boards that go into automobile headlamps — start out in the usual way, coming to awareness in a box.

The box is taken to the assembly line and opened, and the parts within see the assembly line and its workers for the first time. The parts are assembled into a lamp, and the lamp goes through its tests at the end of the assembly line… and fails.

What then? The parts within must figure out what to do… as, unknown to them, the lamp heads to the rework department, to be dismantled and salvaged…