Devilbunny Resources

Some devilbunny-related resources. These are what I found when I discovered the story-world of the evil rabbits; most of this information is canon for the universe of the Bunnies. First was the Usenet newsgroup:

The Usenet newsgroup alt.devilbunnies

The alt.devilbunnies newsgroup as presented by Google Groups:

Unfortunately the default Groups view only shows the minimal postings in recent years, mostly spam. It is possible to search and find postings from yesteryear, though. In this way, all of the FAQs mentioned below can be found, including the many appendices.

2024-07-06: Google appears to have archived Google Groups. Old Usenet postings including those of alt.devilbunnies remain visible, but it is no longer possible to post new content.

Much of the information originally presented on Usenet was gathered into a website:

The website

The original devilbunnies website,
This site hasn’t been updated in a long time, but amazingly it still exists. Most pages here display a date of last revision; many have not been revised since 2000 or even before. And material linked to from these pages is most often long-gone. Resources from these pages:

The Main Devilbunny FAQs

The most-commonly-used FAQs are presented on the website, but the they were re-posted to the newsgroup as updates were made. For this reason, the latest versions were often on the newsgroup. From the website:

The Appendices to the FAQs

From the website (and when they are not available there, from the latest Usenet posts I could find):

  • Supplement 1 — The Address List
    – Twenty-three years old and no doubt very out-of-date. Included here out of a sense of completeness. Dated 1997-05-08.
  • Supplement 1a — Who’s Who: The Fudds
    – A listing of various characters and forces opposed to the Bunnies. Usenet; 2001-08-31.
  • Supplement 1b — Who’s Who: The Bunnies
    – A listing of various Bunny characters and forces. Usenet; 2001-08-31.
  • Supplement 1c — Where’s Where
    – A listing of various places in the shared-fictional world. Usenet; 2000-04-19.
  • Supplement 2 — Fudd Technology and Weapons
    – Various methods to fight the Bunnies. Usenet; 1997-07-22.
  • Supplement 2a — Moxie
    – Neither the personal trait, or the restaurant chain, ‘Moxie‘ was a soft drink from New England. It was considered very ‘uncute’, and therefore effective against the Bunnies. Usenet; 2002-01-07.
  • Supplement 2b — NoCoAnDBHQ
    – I am not certain what this is; it might be a fictional location (Northern Colorado Anti-Devilbunny Headquarters?). This FAQ supplement is not available through Google Groups.
  • Supplement 3 — Bunny Technology and Weapons
    – The methods the Bunnies would use to conquer the world. Usenet; 1999-11-19.
  • Supplement 3a — Nanotechnology
    – The uses of ultra-small technology in the Bunny universe. Very rare, even in stories, yet still part of the canon. Usenet; 1995-11-08.
  • Supplement 3b — MorphArmor [sic]
    – Armour that can disguise a rabbit as a human. Rare. Usenet; 1995-01-28.
  • Supplement 3c — BunnyVirus
    – A virus that can transform a human into a rabbit. Rare. Usenet; 1994-10-20.
  • Supplement 3d — The BunnyMover
    – The high-speed underground transport system of the Bunnies. Also, some information about other Bunny transport methods. Usenet; 1995-09-06.
  • Supplement 3e — Squirrels
    – Allies, enemies, or sometimes slaves of the Bunnies. Usenet; 2002-02-23.
  • Supplement 4 — Ancient History of the Bunnies
    – Where did these rabbits come from?
  • Supplement 4a — Modern History of the Bunnies
    – This supplement is not present on Google Groups. It may never have been released.
  • Supplement 5 — The Ferrotti
    – The great ferret-like allies of the Fudds. Usenet; 2001-06-20.
  • Supplement 5a — The Ferrotti Language
    – This supplement is not present on Google Groups.
  • Supplement 6 — Other Interesting Things
    – Usenet; 2002-12-15.