Scaffoldworld is a story I’ve been starting for a long time.

Originally, it was a sketch of people living on top of a construction scaffold. But in time the setting became an alien world where people lived atop vast plant communities that vaguely resembled scaffolds.

The words "Scaffoldworld" superimposed on an image of the setting sun over the clouds' endless horizon.
The first page of the introduction to Scaffoldworld.

I created a four-page introduction. Then I started to create a longer book.

That’s when I started to run into problems. I realized I had absolutely no idea how to design a plot , create characters that made sense, and keep my readers engaged. I was over thirty pages into my rough sketches, and I was getting lost.

I realized I had to study the design of stories, and so I backed off. I started reading screenwriting books like “Story” by Robert McKee, and I started going to meetings of a screenwriting group in Toronto.

Life happened, and I moved around. I got involved in more projects. But Scaffoldworld is not forgotten, and I will get back to it.