Who am I?

My name is Scott, and I like to make stories.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been creating imaginary worlds. When I was a kid, I tried to build them out of Lego.

In grade 10, I wrote a story for English class. To accompany it, I draw a map of the imaginary island the story was set on. I may have gone a little overboard; I filled a sheet of paper a meter tall and two metres wide with the map. I still remember how bored I got drawing thousands of tiny little trees to fill the forests. In grade eleven and later, I wrote more stories set in the same world.

I went on to various jobs interspersed with various attempts at college and university. Each yielded more story ideas. At one point, I found an online writing community on the old Usenet computer network. I wrote stories and bantered in-character with other authors. Life changed, and I moved on from the group, but the ideas remained, and later on I would use them in assignments when I again returned to school.

These days, I have been lucky enough to find help in planning and building my stories, and even getting them out into the world!