Writing and Book Projects


These are the stories I am involved in.

Nineteen Tales of COVID-19

Nineteen Tales of COVID-19 is a compilation of fiction and non-fiction from the early days of the pandemic, organized by Jackie Brown. It is now available to buy.

My story “The Rabbit Hole” is included in the compilation.

Parts: An Industrial Fantasy

Rough front cover of Parts

Parts: an Industrial Fantasy is the story of two circuit boards in an automobile lamp factory. After they are assembled into a lamp, the lamp fails the final test on the assembly line, and is sent to the dreaded “Rework” station to be dismantled. The circuit boards are lost, and must find their way back across the factory floor to their rightful places on the assembly line. Can they make it?

Parts: Little Lost Lamp

Parts: Little Lost Lamp is a short story set in the same universe as Parts: an Industrial Fantasy. After reaching the customer, a lamp is forgotten in a bin instead of being assembled into a car. It gets shipped back to the supplier. Can it find its way back to the customer?

The Rabbit Hole

The Rabbit Hole involves a conspiracy theory that proves to be all too true. It is one of the stories in Nineteen Tales of COVID-19, but it comes from a shared fictional world that long predates the pandemic.

Red Rabbit! Red Rabbit!

Red Rabbit! Red Rabbit! is the planned prequel to The Rabbit Hole. It will deal with Dimples’ childhood and parents and the events that led up to his being under the paw of the Bunnies.

The Lonely Little Fridge

The Lonely Little Fridge is a children’s book dealing with the events that happen when a family outgrows its faithful refrigerator.