These stories take places in the universe of the Devilbunnies, evil rabbits who would like nothing more than to reduce humanity to the status of cattle or playthings.


  • The Rabbit Hole
    My first published story. An old terror reappears when an internet troll posts private info about a family. Included in the compilation Nineteen Tales of COVID-19.
  • Red Rabbit! Red Rabbit!
    The prequel to The Rabbit Hole. Will connect the events of some of the story segments I posted to Usenet, and the events of The Rabbit Hole. Deals with how Dimples ended up returning to subservience under the paw of the Bunnies.

Background Material

  • Evil Rabbits? Really?
    Who are the Bunnies and where did they come from?
  • Why Usenet Was Good for Authors
    The advantages of text-only chat systems that let you change your screen name on the fly…
  • Old Story Segments
    Story segments relating to my places or characters. Most are by me. Some by other authors take place in one of my locations.
  • Devilbunny Resources
    Links, including ones to the original devilbunnies.org website (still there after all these years!)