Books: How To Think When You Draw (and Write)

Kickstarters I Have Known and Loved #2

After 2018 I started following things on Kickstarter and Patreon. After pledging to a Kickstarter project to create a clock-radio using actual nixie tubes for display, I started to look at descriptions of other projects.

One such project was a series of cookbooks of art and writing tutorials by the Etherington Brothers out of England. Lorenzo Etherington handles the drawing; Robin Etherington handles the writing.

Lorenzo has a very intriguing, very traditional style of drawing. It’s very 1940’s dieselpunk, all big internal-combustion engines strapped to race cars. It reminds me of the old CARtoons magazine I used to read when I was a kid, or the original Mad Magazine, or even some of Will Eisner’s work (for examples, see Eisner’s Comics and Sequential Art).

A sample Lorenzo tutorial: how to draw wooden planks.

So I pledged for the collection of all four drawing books and the writing book. Eventually, an amazingly-well-packaged box arrived at the house.

Unpacking took some time. But then, there the books were:

There was even a fold-out table of contents!

The books now reside in a place of honour on my shelves. It’s always a pleasure to go into them and see not just tips and tricks, but a different way of thinking. Here’s an example:

And now there’s another Kickstarter for a second writing book!