Books: Malaak

Kickstarters I Have Known and Loved #1

This was my first Kickstarter support.

Malaak is a series of comic books by French-Lebanese artist Joumana Medlej. It describes a Lebanon invaded by demonic spirits of war, and what the ancient guardians of the land must do to defend it.

In 2011 I was looking for drawing tutorials, and I stumbled across this incredibly-detailed chart of how to draw cats. Every type and variation of cat appearance was laid out in almost mathematical precision. Who could have done this?

I followed a link and discovered Cedarseed and Joumana Medlej. And a world of new colours and ideas.

And comics.

There was a crowdfunding effort going on to bring volumes 1-4 of Malaak to life. I quickly pledged. Eventually, the campaign finished and, in the teeth of a postal slowdown, I received a set of books.

My Malaak collection.

In addition to the books, I received collections of sketches, a bookmark, and a sketch done from a suggestion of mine.

In 2012, I would go back to school to study web development. Comics faded from my mind. But not forever. I would return to them.

Today, Joumana Medlej appears to be an artist of some renown, creating exquisite and complex paintings. I must find out more.