The Rabbit Trap (Formerly Titled: Red Rabbit! Red Rabbit!)

Red Rabbit! Red Rabbit!, now tentatively titled The Rabbit Trap, is the second story dealing with Dimples and the other Humans under the paw of the evil rabbits. It started as somewhat of a prequel to The Rabbit Hole, dealing with Dimples’ parents and how they escaped from the rabbit city of Algonquin Main… and how Dimples then fell back under the rabbits’ influence, ending up as an agent in the rabbits’ online troll farm. It has grown from that; it’s now Dimples’ life story.

I am at the very beginnings of planning this out. Akosua is helping me with the design of the story. Even the title may change. Red Rabbit! Red Rabbit! is a provisional title, but given the number of things in the world named “Red Rabbit”, even including other stories, the story may end up being called something else.