A Timeline for “Red Rabbit! Red Rabbit!”

The story is a prequel to The Rabbit Hole. As such, it has to end with Dimples working in the troll farm under the supervision of the rabbits.

It starts out with the events in several story segments that I wrote ages ago, which I posted to Usenet.

Late 1990s

Red rescues Darlene in the late 1990s. This time period is when the story segments introducing them take place:

The Cute Life? (where Red experiences his first thoughts of dissent):

Awakening at Algonquin Main (where Red greets Darlene after she regains consciousness):

An Observant Police Officer (where a cop sees the evidence of the capture):

The Lookout (where Sid the militia rabbit sees Red capture the unconscious Darlene):
Sid goes on to star in his own story arc.


Algonquin Main Warren is damaged or destroyed in 2010 during the Ottawa-area earthquake. Red, Darlene and their son Tom have left the warren.

Possibly Red is back inside Algonquin Main at this time trying to raise a rebellion; I am imagining something like an accidental natural-gas explosion destroying things. Maybe the sleeping gas the rabbits deploy to put down the rebellion is explosive. This destruction is the “Evisceration” referred to by Flopear and the other rabbits in The Rabbit Hole. It may or may not be the actual complete and permanent destruction of Algonquin Main.

April or May 2020

The Rabbit Hole takes place in April or May 2020 during the first lockdown. By this time, Red’s son Tom, known to the rabbits as Dimples, is a young man and living away from his parents. He is working for the rabbits as an agent in on online troll form, spreading propaganda and disinformation.

I just have to figure out what happens between…