Working on the door prize

The book launch party for Nineteen Tales will have door prizes, and as one prize, I’m doing a drawing of a scene from my story. I’m starting with experiments and reminding myself how I draw… important artistic note: the water colour goes on before the india ink…

The next day: test drawings for the door prize. ?

One drawing is watercolour and pencil only, the other has india ink added.

This is the same technique I’m going to use for my story Parts.

I have a lot of time to think on the line at work, and today I realized that Dimples, the character in the opening scene of my story, needs a locker in his room! This locker is salvaged from the rabbit city of Algonquin Main as the rabbits in my story fled. Note the claw marks…

Pencil and watercolour only.
Ink over the watercolour.

And now… on the *big* paper…

And it is done!