Listing of various works

This is a listing of various works I have done.

High school 1976-1981

The grade nine sketch. The stories: How Yukon Picket Obtained Salt (grade 10), The Thirteenth Upheaval (grade 11), Virnalian Ranger (comic in co-op newsletter, grade 12 or 13). The Map (detail; grade 10).

Architecture school, Waterloo 1981 to end 1982

First sketchbooks.

Electronics school, Brampton 1983-1985

Toasterman. Electronic Monsters. (I was the only guy in electronics school with a sketchbook.)

Oshawa 1986-1989, then Mississauga 1989-1992

Random sketchbook work. Large drawings as gifts until 1990.

Animation school 1992-1993, then continuing in Oakville 1993-2001

Evelyn’s Story (the World of the Woolly Mountain Incident). I discover Esperanto (for real this time). The Devilbunnies newsgroup and shared fiction. In summer 2000 I go to the Kultura Esperanto Festivalo in Helsinki (music video segment– cut short when I ran out of tape (yes, tape)).

Toronto 2001-2009

Scaffoldworld (the beginning). Plotting problems extending it. Start learning about story design. Start going to LIFT, the Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto, to attend its screenwriting group. French lessons. Japanese lessons (really regret leaving Toronto and quitting these).

Bancroft 2010-2011, then Sutton 2011-2012

The layoff. Go to Bancroft to work on solar-powered houses. Doesn’t work out. Look for work in Sutton. Meet Shawn Shepheard when he led a job search group at Yorkworks. I draw Shawn’s Sugarfree Shawn comic.

Web development school, Durham College, Oshawa 2012-2014

Cara Coulson’s children’s literature class. Mary-Rose Thaler’s graphic design class. Linda Cheng’s graphics programming class. The rabbit video. The BUNIX login. French immersion in Jonquière summer 2013. Exploration of Kickstarter.

Peterborough 2014-2018

Sketchbooks and attempts at programming. The ATM Fee Finder. Second attempt at Time Warrior (website, video, and shirt this time). Visits to LIFT.

Belleville 2018-

Parts: An Industrial Fantasy. Meet Jackie and the DRWG. The compilation Nineteen Tales of COVID-19 and the story The Rabbit Hole.