Getting close to publication!

We have been working hard over the holidays getting the manuscript of “Nineteen Tales of COVID-19” ready for publication on Amazon.

Jackie Brown, publisher of the compilation, has been masterminding the project: getting needed material from the authors and designers, setting deadlines, and keeping things going.

Maxine Wray, marketer, has been getting promotional material going, such as graphics for posting to social media. She has also been setting up the distribution of the book.

I’ve been setting the book up in Adobe Indesign and generating manuscripts in PDF format for the others to check over and suggest adjustments. I also built a cover in Adobe Illustrator, using a graphic from Freepik (which had to be credited in the book).

Based on the others’ feedback, I’ve been making adjustment after adjustment: eliminating typos, correcting odd formatting errors, adding late-arriving material, and making adjustments to the cover. For example, two of the authors wanted to use different family names, which meant I had to rearrange the names on the cover and the chapters in the book…

We’re getting close!